Medical Devices and Home Medical Equipment

Types of Medical Devices Range From Thermometers To Defibrillator To At-Home Pregnancy Test Kits.

Medical Devices and Home Medical Equipment
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Medical Devices and Home Medical Equipment

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Medical Devices Home Medical Equipment

Choose The Medical Device You Designed For You

This checklist is designed for health care professionals and patients to use when choosing a medical device that is best for the patient. It is intended to be modified by health professionals to focus on particular devices for certain target populations (e.g., arthritics, diabetics, heart patients).

1. Do you have limitations that can affect your use of the device?

  • Could your health (stress, tired, medication effects, disease) affect the way
    you use the device?

  • Do you have the physical size and strength (hand strength, lifting ability,
    and endurance) to use the device?

  • Will you be able to see the display, hear the alarm, and feel the controls
    (knobs, buttons, switches, and keypads)?

  • Do you have the coordination (manual dexterity, balance) to adjust the controls?

  • Will you be able to understand and use the device?

  • Do you need to remember complex instructions to use the device?

2. Is the device right for the environment where you plan to use it?

  • Does the device have safety features to prevent it from harming your children
    or pets, and to prevent them from harming the device?

  • Will you be able to hear the device’s alarm in a noisy environment?

  • Will the light levels (low or bright) in your environment affect your
    ability to use the device?

  • Are you using other devices at the same time?

  • Will sources of electromagnetic interference (e.g., Ham radio, AM FM TV broadcast antenna, electrical machinery, hand-held transmitters) affect the device?

  • What things about your home will affect your use of the device
    (e.g., high heat and humidity, very dry air in the winter, too few
    electrical outlets, narrow doorways, wood stove heating)?

  • What happens if you put the device in an inappropriate environment?

3. Are there device characteristics that can affect its use?

  • Is the device simple to set up, operate, clean, maintain, and dispose of;
    and what happens if you don’t do these things properly?

  • What replacement parts or batteries are required, how frequently are
    they needed, how expensive are they, and are there special instructions
    for safely disposing of the device or its parts?

  • What reading or training is required of you?

  • Are there things about this device that are different from other similar
    devices you have operated?

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Medical Devices and Home Medical Equipment
Medical Devices

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